Finally, a way to synchronize your marketing audiences automatically helps you to get better ROI from your Facebook & Google Ads by making sure your advertisements reach the right person.

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Scaling is all about systems, not manual management

Custom audiences on Facebook Ads and Google Ads offers you a way to target your customers with the right marketing message at the right time. makes it easier by syncing your custom audiences between your system (database, CRM,…) and ad networks.

Increase ROI from retargeting campaigns

Here is how works:

Segment your users

Leverage the data you already have. Eg. target your customers with shoe size 42. You can use data from your database, CRM or any other source you prefer.

Onboard the data to ad networks

Until now, you had to do it manually. Save time and money by using to automatically onboard your user’s data to ad networks.

100+ Use cases

Run automated campaigns with Zolt

Convert trial users

Offer a free consultation or show successful case studies to every new user with the goal of converting to paying user.

Onboard a customer

It is essential focus on your relationships with your customers since they sign up. Support it with “How to” campaign.

Annouce a new feature

Are you launching a new feature? Make sure your customers know about it by reaching them through Google and Facebook ads.

Reduce churn

Set up rules to detect customers who are likely to abandon your business and offer them an extra discount or personal help.

Target by behaviour

Segment your customers by their behaviour and target them with relevant message. On autopilot. It can not be easier.

Target by attributes

It becomes easy to segment and target your customers by any kind of informations you store about them in your databse or CRM.

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